We believe in the power of collaboration to achieve greater impact.

By partnering with Ivie Urieto, you can help us extend the reach of our mission, promote the benefits of chess, and foster inclusivity in our community.

Unlimited Possibilities

Partnership Benefits:

Unlocking Opportunities Through Collaboration

Expanded Reach:
Access a wide audience passionate about chess.
Promote Inclusivity:
Contribute to gender equality and inclusivity in chess.
Custom Collaboration:
Tailored partnership options to meet your objectives.
Co-Branding Opportunities:
Showcase your organization's commitment to empowering youth.

Potential Partnership Opportunities:

Join Us in Creating Chess Magic

Event Sponsors:
Sponsor Ivie's participation in chess events or host joint chess tournaments.
Educational Outreach:
Collaborate on chess workshops and educational programs.
Media and Marketing:
Co-create content or campaigns to promote chess and your organization's mission.
Custom Opportunities:
Tailored options to meet your objectives.

If your organization shares our values, we'd love to explore partnership opportunities with you.

Please let us know what's on your mind. Have a question for us? Ask away.