Ivie Urieto

Ivie Urieto’s story is well known to young chess enthusiasts in Ikorodu; her achievements and passion for change made her a name for herself. Myself, her dad, and the @shootcreateimpact team planned her visit to Ikorodu.

Ivie was warmly welcomed with a bouquet as she arrived with her mum to the community, and also present was Faruk (Founder @ikoroduchessclub ). Ivie and Farouk graced us with nine brand new chessboards and five Prodiva T-shirts, a priceless gift that will continue to inspire our chess enthusiasts.

Then, she spoke about “The Significance of Chess” with an exceptionally spectacular analogy, and Faruk further enlightened us on its possibilities.

There was a mini chess tournament amongst the kids of Idiroko Community, and Caleb emerged as the first-place winner, with David and Nonso following closely. Their exceptional skills and sportsmanship set an example for all of us.”

Thrilling exhibition matches tested our wits and strategy. @chesswitivie ‘s victory against @solphilms and Faruk’s triumph against Samuel showcased the game’s beauty. Ivie quickly engaged members of the team who wanted to know about the game of chess in a short class.

Seeing her holding the camera even though the composition needed support but knowing that there were several angles to capture was an incredible moment👏🏾👏🏾

The day ended with a serene riverside walk, capturing memorable moments.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to all our supporters who made this day special. Chess unites us, and with the support of Chess in Slums Africa, Russell Makofsky (The Gift of Chess), Faruk @ikoroduchessclub, Samson Ofubu, and special thanks to Niyi Odumosu, and the entire @shootcreateimpact Team for making this a reality.

We look forward to more events that strengthen our community bonds and passion for this timeless game.

Solomon Usuanlele

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