Beyond The Chess Board

Ivie's Empowerment Initiatives

At the heart of Ivie Urieto's remarkable chess journey lies a profound commitment to empowerment.

Explore the initiatives she spearheads and the partner organizations she collaborates with to make a difference.

Chess for All:
Through school visits, chess lessons, and the distribution of chess boards, Ivie is introducing the game to young minds and advocating for the creation of chess clubs.
Inspiring the Next Generation:
As an ambassador for The Gift of Chess and Her Move Next organizations, Ivie is on a mission to inspire the next generation of chess players.
Nurturing Minds, Bridging Communities:
She's dedicated to establishing chess clubs at her school, providing a nurturing environment for students to develop their strategic thinking skills.
Changing Lives

Community Impact

Beyond individual achievements, Ivie's chess journey has a profound impact on communities. Her chess clubs, lessons, and outreach programs are instrumental in creating a more inclusive and vibrant chess community. Discover how chess is changing lives, one move at a time.

A Catalysts for Change

Success Stories

Ivie's journey is marked by remarkable success and empowerment stories. Her impact reaches far and wide, from inspiring young minds to breaking down gender barriers in chess. Explore the stories of individuals and communities transformed by the power of chess.


Partner Organizations

"Building Bridges, Sharing Visions: Partner Organizations Joining Forces for a Brighter Chess Future"

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Breaking Barriers

The Gift of Chess:

Our partnership with The Gift of Chess amplifies our mission to empower communities through chess. This organization is dedicated to breaking barriers and creating a more inclusive chess community. Together, we distribute chess boards, offer lessons, and advocate for the establishment of chess clubs in schools and communities.


Her Move Next:

Our collaboration with Her Move Next reinforces our commitment to gender inclusivity in chess. This organization provides opportunities for young girls and women in chess, ensuring that everyone has a chance to shine on the chessboard.

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Empowering Minds, Transforming Lives

Chess in Slums Africa

Chess in Slums Africa, founded by Tunde Onokoya, is a dynamic partner organization dedicated to bringing the beauty and strategic brilliance of chess to underserved communities. With a vision to unlock the potential of young minds living in challenging circumstances, Chess in Slums Africa provides hope, inspiration, and empowerment through chess.

Unlocking Chess Excellence

Opening Masters

Opening Masters, founded by Alexander Horvath, is a visionary partner organization that takes chess strategy to new heights. With a mission to elevate chess openings, Opening Masters also contributes to the enrichment of young chess enthusiasts' minds worldwide.

Where Chess Mastery Begins


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The Community

Join the Movement

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I invite you to join our empowerment movement. Whether you're a chess enthusiast or simply someone who believes in the power of positive change, there's a place for you here. Explore our website, engage with our initiatives, and become a part of a community that's making strategic moves on and off the board, one move at a time.

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