At the heart of our chess world lies a vibrant and close-knit community that celebrates the beauty of chess, fosters growth, and promotes unity. We're thrilled to have you here, and we invite you to explore the diverse facets of our chess community, where players of all levels come together to share their passion, learn, and grow.

A close-knit community

Our Chess Clubs: Fostering Unity and Growth

Discover the chess clubs that Ivie Urieto is proud to be affiliated with. These clubs are not just places to play chess; they are vibrant communities where players of all ages come together to share their passion, learn, and grow.

Greater Cleveland Chess Club

Location: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
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The Greater Cleveland Chess Club, founded by Bob Soccia, is where Ivie’s chess journey received a significant boost. This club is dedicated to nurturing young chess talents and fostering excellence in the game. Bob’s belief in Ivie’s potential led to crucial support, including a new Samsung laptop, premium chess resources, and mentorship.

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Mentorship and Coaching:
Access to experienced mentors and coaches for skill development.
Recognition and Support:
Acknowledgment and support for achievements in chess.
Technological Support:
Enhanced chess journey through online resources and technology.
Community and Networking:
Connection with a broader chess community for relationships and growth.
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C.D. Ajedrez Alfil Invidente Chess Club

Location: Spain
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Ivie Urieto has been honored as an honorary member of the esteemed C.D. Ajedrez Alfil Invidente Chess Club in Spain. This club is dedicated to chess for the disabled, and Ivie is deeply inspired by their commitment and passion. It’s a privilege to be recognized by such an esteemed organization.


Location: France
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Elex Échecs, a steadfast partner in Ivie’s chess odyssey, has been instrumental in her development as a chess prodigy. Through Elex Échecs, Ivie gained access to a treasure trove of chess wisdom, benefiting from the guidance of experienced mentors and trainers. Their unwavering commitment to chess education nurtured Ivie’s skills and passion for the game, contributing significantly to her remarkable growth.

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Outreach Programs:

Our outreach programs are at the heart of our mission to empower others through chess. We believe that chess should be accessible to all, regardless of their circumstances. Through school visits, community events, and chess distribution programs, we're making chess a tool for positive change.

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Ivie Urieto's Chess World invites you to explore and connect with these remarkable chess clubs. Whether you're seeking mentorship, looking to enhance your skills, or simply want to be a part of a supportive chess community, Join us in fostering unity and growth through the game we love.

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